Do you know why ” internet waste “

Do you know why ” internet waste “

Do you know why “internet waste”

           Have you ever wanted to use the Internet quickly? We tend to invest in high speed internet packets and buy expensive equipment. Because we want to use it well, but when it is Network equipment, often tell the shop that “Get a cheap good model” but when used back, there will always be problems with use throughout the reason because the device that we selected is It is not suitable for our use. Today I would like everyone to understand what the problem is. Yes ..
Most of the problems caused by the use of the Internet, such as youtube freezes, slow loading of VDO files, long uploads, not opening web pages or as we tend to call “Internet” and we often understand. That the problem is caused by 100% internet service providers (ISP), but actually more than 75% of all problems are caused by us Choose devices that are not suitable for use or not support all.
            For example, we want to use all 25 devices (all of which are needed Internet …) but we choose to use only 8-10 devices that support or we buy 100Mbps Internet packets, but we go to use devices that can be used via wireless or have only 20Mbps so Therefore there are problems in using various …
           Let me explain the components of the use of INTERNET easily to know each other. The use of INTERNET consists of 3 parts:
           INTERNET service provider (ISP: TOT, CAT, True, AIS, 3BB)
NETWORK devices (Modem, Router, Wireless, etc.)
Equipment to use INTERNET (Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile phone, etc.)
In order to use INTERNET to be effective, all 3 parts must be consistent or can be used equally. Would like to be treated as a percentage of use so you can see the picture clearly If we want to use the internet at 100% speed (the requested internet packet), the router or network device is able to receive and release the internet signal at 100% speed. The device that uses the INTERNET can access the internet signal at 100% speed. Use our internet to get 100% full.

All 3 parts must be consistent or can be used equally.
But if we want to use the internet at 100% speed but the router can receive and release the internet signal at only 30% speed, our internet usage will get only 30%, even if the device we bought to use the internet will support How much use We will be able to use. The internet can only get 30% anyway, because it is like a semis bridge that has been squeezed in the speed of use ..

Inconsistent usage causes reduced usage efficiency.
Therefore, we should have to choose the device that is suitable for the speed that we request. The router or Network equipment is capable of receiving and releasing internet signals at 100% speed. Our internet usage will be 100% full.

Do not think about any network, because sometimes we will not get what we want, sometimes we have to invest to get the right performance for our use, so you do not have to come to lose the mood or Wasting time when having problems. Sending “hurt but ending” with the problems of the Network better, gradually ending endlessly …..

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